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Become An Investor - TheIndianTrader
Become An Investor – TheIndianTrader

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Welcome to Part 1 of the exclusive series of The Indian Trader where you will be learning how to earn in stock markets through investing. This guide is exclusively for new investors who want to learn how to start off their investment journey with a strong foundation of fundamentals.

There will be many sections in this guide. The sections and the knowledge flow will be explained on this page and in every section, there will be a post to learn from.

How does Money Grow?

The very first thing you need to understand is how does money grow? Because money is one thing most people do not have a clue about how it grows. People tend to think that money is only earned in paychecks, but in reality, money itself can help you make more of it if only you know how does money actually grow.

Understand: How does Money Grow

The Right Mindset for Investing

Before you start off with the technical aspects of investing, you need to keep your mind just right! Read the following post to understand how to develop a strong investing mindset.

Understand: The Right Mindset for Investing

Investing or Gambling?

Well, the clarity between Investment, Gambling and Speculation is just a part of the right mindset for investing. These three have such a fine line between them and also that this clarity is actually the biggest chunk of the investor’s mindset makes it so important that it needs to be explained separately.

The clarity is the main thing that will always allow you to make better decisions and remain on the right side of the border.

Understand: Investing, Speculation and Gambling – A comparison

Next: Getting Technical in Investing

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