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In our country people are not just scared from the stock market but they are ignorant which makes it pretty difficult for any average person to learn about the market since there is scarcity of proper information.

When I started out learning about the stock markets I faced similar problem of lack of resources to learn about what happens in dalal street and how. It took lots of reading, rather it took lots of careful and selective reading to fully comprehend the subject without getting biased by the general view of the public.

I have started this blog for people like me, the general public of India to be able to understand ‘what exactly the stock market is’, ‘how does it function’, ‘is it possible to make a living out of the stock markets’ and ‘if yes, how’.

Statistics say that 90% of people who enter the stock market lose their money and fail. But what the stats don’t say is why. Most of the people who lose their money are those who do not fully understand the market but expect the market to give them returns.

This blog is not for the people who just want to earn money in the stock markets quickly but it is for those who want to understand it fully and then enter it like professionals. With proper knowledge and the right approach it is possible to earn in the stock markets no matter your current knowledge level. All it takes is consistent and persistent learning.

 90% fail right..? Well then, let’s be the 10%.

This blog is going to ensure that when someone wants to learn about the stock markets the person will have a place to start from.

With this I humbly welcome you to The Indian Trader.

Knowledge grows when shared!

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